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Two Blooms


I'm a laid-back FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER AND mentor that wants to see you shine!



I remember the day that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life: it was the day that my second 2nd son was born. I knew that I wanted to capture my boy's childhood together beautifully, but sadly, I just didn't have the skills.

I had gone to school for commercial photography, but I knew nothing about portraits, let alone wiggly little boys that would run from the camera.

That's when I turned to the internet to start my journey.

two blooms was created

But, it took a long time to figure out everything that I needed to learn in order to become the photographer that I dreamed about.

I'd spend hours at a time reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, and asking questions in forums. I was basically running myself ragged just trying to patch together all of the information that I needed. in order to become a more confident photographer.

And that's why Two Blooms was created.

I wanted to create a space for photographers like me - who are drawn to candid connections and bright colors - to turn to when they have questions. A place where I can pass on my expertise in a simple, fun, and laid-back way.

It was an exciting journey. A fun journey. But, also a LONG journey.

I knew that I could help other photographers navigate these uncertain waters, so that's why I created this space.

I teach the fundamentals of portrait photography because it doesn't need to be hard or confusing. I teach the ins and out of Lightroom because you don't need to spend hours editing in order to get beautiful results that you love.

It's time to bring the joy, excitement, and wonder into following a passion that you love - without the confusion, annoyance, and overwhelm that learning something new can bring.

How can i help you?

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I've been teaching photographers around the world the ins and outs of Lightroom since 2014. By using presets, shortcuts, and the best editing techniques, I know that you can start editing your photos easier & faster too. Check out my complete Lightroom resource library to learn more!

take better portraits

I know that everyone has the makings of becoming the photographer of their dreams, it just boils down to a few things: learning, practicing, and practicing some more. When you challenge yourself with new ideas and techniques, that's when you will start seeing the results that you crave. Ready to learn more? 

Let's do it!

im' ready!

let's create a style that reflects you!

feeling stuck in your editing?

yes, let's!

free lightroom presets

yep, you read that right!

These Lightroom presets have helped me define my editing style while simultaneously shaving down my editing time, and now I'm sharing them with you!

Get ready to make your photos look amazing - with less effort. Just drop your email below so I know where to send them!

Places I've been featured

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Two Blooms Photography has been rated in the Top 13 Maternity photographers in the Cincinnati area since 2019. 

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Guest Podcast speaker for the Stay Focused Podcast: Photography advice to help you stay focused with your photography goals!

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Two Blooms Lightroom Presets featured as their May/June fresh finds in 2018.

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click it up a notch

Guest blogger for the popular photography blog, Click it up a Notch, where I teach how to become consistent with editing.

Heather is a lifestyle family photographer serving the Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas. Her laid-back style incorporates genuine joy, color, and fun while emphasizing the family unit.