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Two Blooms

I'm Heather.

I believe that you should LOVE what you do and that the journey to your goals should just be just as fun - if not, more!

Wife. Mom. Photographer.


Here's the funny part: I never really planned on being any of those - especially a portrait photographer.

I started to fall in love with portraits after my first son was born. I was DETERMINED to take killer photos that would help document his life.

And it wasn't until my second son was born that I really became OBSESSED with learning. I wanted to be able to document my kids lives together and I was nowhere near the skill level that I wanted to be.

But I struggled...

It took a long time to figure out everything that I needed to learn in order to become the photographer that I dreamed about - which eventually led to dreaming about a thriving portrait business.

I'd spend hours at a time reading blogs, watching YouTube videos, and asking questions in forums. I was basically running myself ragged just trying to patch together all of the information that I needed. in order to become a more confident photographer.

And that's why Two Blooms was created.

I wanted to create a space for photographers like me - who are on fire to learn and grow in their photography skills - a place where I can pass on my expertise in a simple, fun, way that brings real results.

I knew that I could help other photographers navigate these uncertain waters, so that's why I created this space.

I teach the fundamentals of portrait photography because it doesn't need to be hard or confusing. I teach the ins and out of Lightroom because you don't need to spend hours editing in order to get beautiful results that you love. I teach how to stand out from the competition so that you can become a fully booked business owner.

It's time to bring the joy, excitement, and wonder into following a passion that you love - without the confusion, annoyance, and overwhelm that learning something new can bring.

It was an exciting journey. A fun journey. But, also a LONG journey.


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As a busy business owner & Mom of 4, I know how much of a time-suck that editing can be. This is why I not only teach photographers how to edit their photos better, but how to edit FASTER with Lightroom. Say goodbye to late night editing marathons and hello to time-saving bliss!

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Building a profitable business can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be hard! I have built a thriving business from the ground up where I don't have to worry about the competition and just be myself. And now I am ready to teach other dedicated photographers how to become fully booked in their business too!

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There was once a time when I had no clue how to take a decent photo of someone. If it weren't for others helping me out, I honestly don't know where my skills would be today. That is why I share NEW weekly photography & editing tips on the blog - so that you can start capturing with confidence too!

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Two Blooms Photography has been rated in the Top 13 Maternity photographers in the Cincinnati area since 2019. 

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Guest Podcast speaker for the Stay Focused Podcast: Photography advice to help you stay focused with your photography goals!

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Two Blooms Lightroom Presets featured as their May/June fresh finds in 2018.

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Guest blogger for the popular photography blog, Click it up a Notch, where I teach how to become consistent with editing.