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The BEST Lightroom Presets for perfect skin tones

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If you ask around the photography community or start to search yourself for the best Lightroom Presets, you are bound to become overwhelmed with options.

There are literally thousands of Lightroom Presets and companies that sell presets to choose from.

So that poses the questions: which presets are the best and are they really worth it?

If you ask anyone in the photography community about Lightroom presets and if they are worth it, you will get a mixed bag of answers.

Are Lightroom Presets worth it?

Some might say that presets are worth it and they can help you save time editing and create a personal editing style for you.

On the other hand, some might argue that presets are the lazy way to edit. That you should just learn how to edit on your own without relying on presets to do the work for you.

In reality, that’s the beauty behind presets.

They can help you understand Lightroom better while simultaneously cutting down on your editing (because who wants to be glued to the computer editing for hours?).

But, just as they are helpful, they can also hinder your editing if they aren’t versatile and compatible for various types of photos.

The biggest mistake most photographers make when purchasing Lightroom Presets

The biggest mistake that I see photographers make when it comes to buying presets is that they go for the cheapest option.

I won’t lie either. When I first started out in my photography journey, this was a major mistake that I made too.

I had come across a giant bundle of presets for a really great deal. Before I jumped the gun to buy them, I took the time to make sure that the company I was buying from looked trustworthy.

After reading many great reviews for their products, I was convinced enough to invest in my first set of Lightroom presets. But, only to be massively disappointed.


Out of over 100 presets in the bundle, I could only find ONE that worked on the wedding photos I was needing to edit. Every other preset just made my photos look like crap.

The colors were off or dulled. The shadows or highlights were a wreck. Overall, none of these presets lived up to the hype that were raved about online.

I felt deceived and cheated, but I didn’t hold on to that for long.

That’s when I decided to learn how to create the best Lightroom presets myself.

It started out by needing to discover my own editing style and faster workflow.

Now, it’s turned into a complete shop of Lightroom presets that are versatile, practical, and will work with virtually any type of photo.

Not only that, my presets are specifically designed to result in the BEST skin tones. In other words, you won’t have to worry about wonky orange, yellow, or gray skin tones when you use these presets.

And if that wasn’t enough, I offer a complimentary Lightroom training masterclass AND a money-back guarantee on ALL of my presets.

So back to the question, which are the best Lightroom presets for perfect skin tones?

Let’s go through them, one by one, and you can decide which fits your editing style the best.

Life in Color are the best for vibrant colors and skin tones.

This collection was forged earlier on when Two Blooms was just a baby business.

It was my desire to design a collection of presets that created beautiful color pops with a slight touch of softness in the shadows.

At the time, the matte look was really popular and I wanted to create something that was a little different, but still offered that touch of matte that others were looking for.

Life in Color is the top best-selling collection in the shop and most-used set by me.

And with an array of colorful Lightroom presets along with complimentary brushes, bringing your photos from drab to fab only takes seconds.

Life in color is made up of 15 dominant workflow presets, 5 adjustment presets, and 10 color-enhancing brushes to instantly transform your photos from blah to ha!

get the Life in color presets here


Call Her Crazy are the best for bright tones, colors, and fabulous skin

Coming in second for best-selling presets in the Two Blooms shop comes Call Her Crazy.

This brightly designed collection happens to be named after another blog that I started to document the lifestyle of a stay-at-home Mom & business owner.

I envisioned airy, but bright. Bold and colorful. But, not overdone.

What came to life was a beautiful array of Lightroom Presets and brushes that made colors pop while making skin tones look their absolutely best.

Creamy skin. Bursting color. Brightly tone light. You got it with this collection.

These are the types of Lightroom Presets that make editing in Lightroom and playing around FUN.

Get the Call Her Crazy presets here.


Recollections presets are the best for softer colors and a timeless vibe

This collection will always hold a very special place in my heart.

I know that might sound melodramatic and a tab bit cheesy, but each one of my preset collections has a story behind it. And there’s a whole collection of stories behind this one.

I created this collection while simultaneously being committed to documenting more of my everyday life with my 3 children at the time.

The messy imperfect moments had become more important than the staged, posed, and perfectly crafted ones that I would setup during my photo sessions.

Lifestyle became such a huge part of my passion in photography at the time, and recollections is what helped bring that vision to life.

And while I don’t use this collection must in my client editing (because I believe in sticking to a branded style is important), I often turn to these presets for my own personal work and pleasure.

It’s almost like reminiscing on a good time in life while creating something new simultaneously.

If you love the softer, more muted look of lifestyle, but still want your skin tones to look top-notch, then look no further.

This mix & match preset collection will help you create a unique style of your own.

With added preset enhancers, you can determine just how the final look of your edit will turn out, which makes it the ultimate workflow collection for lifestyle photographers.

Get the Recollections presets here.

The Storyteller presets are the best for a bold & moody style

As much as I LOVE color in my photos, I have also been drawn to the bold and moody look that some photographers can beautifully pull off.

Similar to Recollections, the Storyteller presets also hold a special place for me personally.

They are the presets that I designed while editing our day-to-day life at home during the 2020 pandemic.

I wanted to create something new & fresh that was different than anything that I have created before.

While I love using the Recollections presets for a timeless, faded look, I yearned to add a more bold and crisp look to my photos too.

What’s so amazing about this collection is that is works well in both indoor and outdoor photos, as well as complimenting skin tones (which is the most important aspect of all of the presets I create).

Get the Storyteller presets here.


You can’t go wrong with the Purely Polished Presets

Purely Polished, AKA the workflow collection for serious photo editors.

This set of presets and brushes was designed for a FAST & efficient workflow without compromising style and color.

If you have a heavy workload and need a set of quality presets that will provide ease and consistency in your editing, then look no further.

Purely Polished is made complete with 19 Lightroom presets & 12 Skin brushes to instantly transform your photos into the finished product your artistic side desires.

This is the set that I turn to for events, weddings, lifestyle sessions, and daily photos that I just want to quickly polish up and be done with.

The end results do not disappoint and that’s why this older collection remains the backbone of the Two Blooms Preset shop.

get purely polished here.

At the end of the day, Lightroom presets are only part of the editing process. The other part is knowing how to use Lightroom to it’s fullest potential.

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