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Two Blooms

for lightroom classic + lightroom cc
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and now i'm sharing them with you!

these are the secret weapon that i keep in my editing arsenal to edit my photos in less time.

what if you could edit your photos in just 3 clicks, or less?


FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER + OWNER OF TWO BLOOMS, WHERE i teach portrait photographers how to edit faster and easier with lightroom.

I remember the first time I ever tried to use Lightroom. I closed it up just as fast as I opened it: everything was just so confusing and I didn't know where to start. I was overwhelmed by learning something completely out of my comfort zone, but I knew that I needed to in order to edit better and faster.

Fast forward 8 years and now I am teaching photographers from around the globe how to edit in Lightroom, without the confusion and stress - starting with these presets.

These Lightroom presets have helped me define my editing style  while simultaneously shaving down my editing time, and now I am thrilled to share these tools for you! Get ready to make your photos look amazing - with less effort. 

gimme gimme!