lightroom training series: how to edit with ease in lightroom classic cc

Two Blooms

what you'll learn when you sign up for this 3-part training:

what a catalog is and what it's used for
the easiest way to cut out the overwhelm of lightroom
the best way to import, cull, and organize your images
the stupid-easy workflow hack that will save you hours of editing
my #1 best tip for editing sessions in less than 1 hour


FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER + OWNER OF TWO BLOOMS, WHERE i teach portrait photographers how to become confident with lightroom.

I'll never forget that profound moment when I opened up Lightroom for the first time. I was so eager to edit my photos in this new editing program, but just as soon as I opened up that program, I instantly closed it up. I was so confused.

After many years of learning, I finally discovered the BEST and most efficient ways to organize & edit all of my photos in Lightroom. I even discovered how to add more hours of free time in my life by editing less with Lightroom.

And now, I am sharing it with you!

When you sign up for this FREE, 3-part training series, I will walk you through Lightroom and show you the best methods to navigate and use this powerful program.

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