The step-by-step action plan to become FULLY BOOKED in your photography business so that you can stop waiting around more more clients and start booking them on demand.  

omg i need this

you are eager to book more sessions, become more profitable, and quit the day job that you hate. so let's do it.

    You've got a killer portfolio
    You're actively present on all of your social media            accounts
    You even have some friends who you think would make      awesome clients

    You're not booking sessions on a regular basis
    You wonder why other photographers seem to fill their      calendars with ease. You doubt if you even have what        it takes to be a full-time photographer. And with such      little success, you question if anything or anyone              could even help you..

let me guess...

yet, so far...

you may have tried...

rebranding your logo and updating your website thinking that could be the problem, but it hasn't changed anything (except drain your bank account).

because you thought that you could attract more people with an irresistable package. but that didn't help either.

maybe you even lowered your pricing...


and this used to be my story.

I remember the day when I was seriously thinking about quitting my photography business.

I had spent years trying to figure out all of the business stuff I wasn't good at, get new clients in the door, and book just enough sessions to help pay off debt so my husband and I (with our 2 kids) could move out of his parents house. I'd take any kind of work that came to me, because we needed it and it was money, right?

We were broke to the bone, but I had a dream to become a profitable photographer & start booking dream clients on the regular. The only problem was, I didn't know how to do that. And the saddest part was that I was running out of steam trying to figure it all out alone. I had spent so much time trying to piece together a business plan that wasn't effective, and now I was losing my desire to chase after my dreams (cue the tiny violin).

and just as soon as i wanted to quit, i discovered something about business...

I realized that it didn't have to be hard or complex. I didn't have to be a marketing guru or a business expert. In fact, the more FUN I had in my business, the better results I got.

That's when things started to click (and not just the sound of my shutter button). It all became clear for the first time: I was resisting becoming the photographer that I dreamed about simply by not allowing myself to be myself.

In other words, I was limiting my success because I was trying to be too rigid in the way that I built and promoted my business.

things got cooking when i flipped my marketing strategy on its head.

maybe you're guilty of ths too

Trying so hard to mimic your competition in hopes that you'll have just a shaving of the success they have.

Frantically trying to piece together a business plan that you hope is the solution to your lack of bookings.

Resisting your growth simply by not allowing yourself the freedom to market your business in a fun, casual, and unique way that suits you.

it's okay if you are, because here's the exciting thing:

this does not have to be where your story ends.

You can have a fully booked calendar and become the photographer of your dreams too. You just need to allow yourself to become more creative to get there.

none of this will work without a plan.

but, i need to let you know...

and I've done the hard work to create a plan for you!

Introducing, Fully Booked

an action-oriented booking system and game plan for portrait photographers who are serious about building their business.

AKA the system that I used to take my business from barely earning to becoming a fully booked photographer.

It's a simple marketing system that ANY portrait photographer can follow to instantly increase bookings and become more profitable.

I've broken it down into 6 unique and simple-to-implement "playbooks" that you can read & follow anytime, anywhere. No more online trainings that take you countless  hours to get through - these playbooks are easy to read and reference at anytime. And they are what helped me double my bookings and income in less than a year!

map out your year

Book more sessions

charge your worth

With the skills you'll learn, you'll be able to map out your entire year with a strategic marketing plan that fills your calendar. No more guessing about what you should do next to promote your business!

When you follow the step-by-step booking processes, plans, and protocols, you won't have to "figure it out" alone. Just follow the steps to fill your calendar!

After you learn HOW to attract the perfect clients for your business, you won't have to stoop to low prices to get people in the door. Finally charge what you are worth and start making a living with your dream job!

with this system, you'll be able to:

building a thriving photography business doesn't have to be hard.

With the industry growing so rapidly, it might seem like it's impossible to get noticed by potential clients (especially when there's a million other competitors fighting for that same attention!)

But the fact of the matter is that getting new clients and becoming fully booked is quite simple. You've just been focusing on the wrong things.

Most photographers think that they have to be a social media superstar or have a KILLER portfolio to make it big with their business, but here's the honest truth: the real culprit is simply not having a marketing plan.

who am i to teach you?

i am FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER of OVER a decade and have taught hundreds of photographers these methods.

I have been in the industry for over a decade and in business for 8 years, so I have been personally been immersed in the great shift of the digital era.

I have seen what works, what doesn't, and what should be focused on as a business owner in order to be fully booked. (Big hint: it's NOT just having a pretty portfolio, fancy website, or an expensive logo).

I have worked with over 200 clients and 2,000 sessions in Southern Ohio and now I want to teach you how to become fully booked in your business!

if you want to be successful, then you need to stop winging it and start planning it instead.

this is your psa as a business owner:

If you continue to fly by the seat of your pants among the endless sea of competition, then you probably won't get very far.

You might end up getting lucky and eventually book more sessions, but how long are you willing to wait for just a maybe???

let's fix it




You can hardly believe it: 3 new session inquires! You keep scrolling your inbox and notice that 2 previous clients reached out to upgrade their previous package and it hits you: You've made over $2,000 this month already and there's still 2 weeks left!


what's inside
Fully Booked:

Get your website ranked & land on page 1 of search results when you follow this written playbook. You will be able to bring fresh, new traffic to your website every single day (even while you sleep) so you can book more clients without spending money on ads.

give back + earn $$$ with fundraisers

sell out your mini sessions

One thing I have learned in business is this: when you give more, you get more. You can help organizations in your community, work with new clients, & book more sessions (while making an impact AND earning money) with this simple 4-step plan!

Fill your mini session calendar by following this simple-to-implement written playbook, even if you haven't had success with minis before! This is EXACTLY what you need to know in order to run a successful mini session event that will have people lining up out the door and begging for a spot!

Need to add more photos to your portfolio or just want more clients in the door??? This written plan was designed to lay out the steps to book portfolio sessions WHILE getting paid. No more model call clients that leave you hanging & earn you nothing!

create a portfolio that pays you

With the Map out your marketing masterclass, you will be able to plan out an entire year of your business in a single day. No more last minute promos that fall flat on their face. Instead, you'll be able to book more sessions because you'll know exactly what to focus on next.

funnel in new leads
with your website

step-by-step plaNS

DFY swipe files

lifetime access

All of the booking systems are easily written out in a playbook style format that makes it easy to use and simple to implement. No excuses for not putting these plans into action!

Not only are the plans easy to follow, but all the heavy work has been done for you with the swipe files that follow. Ad copy, email scripts, and client forms have already been done - just swipe and go!

When you enroll in Fully Booked, you can be fully confident in your investment knowing that it's here for you - for life. With lifetime access, you'll even be granted all future trainings and content!

money-makin' model calls

tween booking challenge

 the raveviews workshop

This video course was designed for one purpose: to get you more bookings fast. After you start, you will be able to plan & implement your very own money-makin' model call in 5 days or less!

This 5-part challenge was created for one reason: to bring purpose and passion into your business while earning extra income. Be prepared for inbox overload with brand new booked sessions!

Enroll today to get access to this AMAZING new workshop where you'll learn how to get RAVING reviews from your clients that bring in more business.

and if that wasn't enough, you'll get access to these amazing bonuses:

a $97 value

a $49 value

a $97 value

You can totally have the business (and life) of your dreams.

what would a fully booked business look like for you?

finally be able to pay off debt?

start working with your dream clients?

open a studio space you've been dying for?

quit the day job that you hate?

get that new gear you've been dreaming of?

financial security with a booked calendar?

all of the above???

see what our students are saying:

more ⟶

Every January I am usually scrambling and worrying about trying to book new photo sessions. I don't have a studio and my clients often don't like outdoors in the winter. The tween challenge completely changed all of that! When my first tween Model call went out, I booked 4 new clients in a week. I have NEVER been able to do this prior to following this playbook - thank you!!!

— Nicole R

I've always been a hot mess with my photography business and never really planned anything out very far in advance. I had been following Heather awhile and finally understood what she preached about being organized with your marketing was the KEY to success - and boy was she right! It's so refreshing to know what to expect next in my business and how I know HOW to plan and execute the perfect project or promotion!

— Amy C

The Investment

when you sign up today, you'll get instant access to all of these trainings, playbooks, and bonuses:


-Lifetime 24/7 access
-4 Booking playbooks
-Marketing Mapping system
- Organic Traffic Protocol
-Swipe files & ad copy

-Money Makin' Model Calls
-Tween booking challenge
- The Raveviews workshop

your questions, answered!

I'm not sure i understand, how does this program work?

When you enroll, you will get access to ALL of the training materials above. This includes 4 exclusive playbooks for your photography business, business-building masterclasses, and swipe files to make your job easier.
Think of the playbooks like the secret recipe to your booking success. I will give you the exact formula you need to book more sessions and to be profitable with them. All you need to do is bake the dang thing!
These are the SAME plans that I use in my business to keep my calendar full of sessions all year long!

sounds awesome, except i don't have time to learn anything new

I’ve designed this program for photographers just like you: for those who don't have time to do all the heavy ground work.
The last thing you want to do is learn something new when you feel like you don't have the time, but think for a second how much time you’ll actually be wasting by not changing what you’re currently doing?
That’s why the business & marketing plans are short, sweet, and to the point. And with the bonus swipe files, you can literally just copy & paste into your own website & ad copy!

what kind of photographer is this for?

This program was created for portrait photographers of any niche.
These marketing plans can be tailored for many types of niches including maternity, newborns, families, tweens, and seniors.
This program is not recommended for sole wedding photographers as much of the action plans are created for general portrait photographers.

i just started a business. is this right for me?

YES! It doesn't matter if you are new to business or have been dabbling with weekends gigs for years, this program is for you if you are ready to fully book your calendar.

how is this different from other marketing courses?

This is not a course where you will watch a video and check it off the list. These are a step-by-step plans to help you market & grow your business the easy way.

All of the work has been done for you in the swipe files, you will just need to take the time to implement the system into your own business.

Just like a recipe in a cookbook, if you follow each step with all of the ingredients and bake it just right, then you will cook something amazing. But, if you don't follow the recipe or put it in the oven, then nothing will get cooked!

this is how it works:

1: join today

2: get instant access

3: pick a playbook & get to work

4: continue to take action 

5: watch your business grow!