you want to book more photo sessions right now, but you're just not sure where to start.

you are ready to....

book more photo sessions...

add a quick cash injection to your business...

work with eager clients...

fill your empty calendar...

make more money this year..

and finally take your photography gig seriously.

and now you can...

when you start planning money making model calls

With Money makin’ model calls, you won’t have to sit around waiting for new photography clients...


You’ll be able to determine when, where, and how long your sessions take!
You'll be able to plan sessions on demand that get booked now!
You’ll finally be able to fill your empty calendar with excited clients!

Introducing, Money-Makin' Model Calls

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flexible for you

creates excitement

builds a portfolio

Model calls keep you, as the business owner, in control of the session. You determine the time, place, AND the clients you work with.

Model Calls help you create buzz & excitement in your business by generating new leads – even during a pandemic.

Model calls give you the opportunity to work with new clients who are eager to work with you AND pay you for your services.

what's so great about model calls?

You don’t need a ton of extra time to make this happen…

The name of the game with this system is simplicity & speed – not over-thinking and overwhelm. That’s why I’ve laid it all out in quick workshop with an easy-to-implement assignment each day, for 5 days.

Even if you only have an hour to spare during the late hours after the kids go to bed…

Or a few minutes here and there during the day while you juggle the rest of your business & life tasks…

You can plan your Money Makin’ Model Call and make sales…fast.

Hi, I'm Heather.

FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER + OWNER OF TWO BLOOMS, WHERE i teach portrait photographers how to become savvy business owners.

I discovered a simple way to get new & excited clients in the door that not only filled my calendar, but added more $$$ in my bank account.

Now, after many years of testing and perfecting this method, I am finally ready to share it with you – especially now, with so much up in the air with our economy.

I asked myself “ how can I help photographers who are struggling to get bookings RIGHT NOW so they can fill their calendar and start earning the income they need?”

the answer was easy...

The strategy that I teach inside Money Makin’ Model Calls is the same one that I used to get my business off the ground.

you're welcome.

It’s the same strategy that I used to go from barely earning to making $2,800 in sales from 2 new clients in 2 days. (which helped pave the way to becoming fully booked and making $1,000 sales on the regular).
It’s a simple strategy that doesn't require a lot of time or money. And now, I am giving it to YOU.

instead, my goal is simple.

this isn't about creating an intricate marketing plan.

I want you to book more sessions & make a lot of income in a short amount of time – the best way that I know how.

(we can go over a long-term solution later)

let's do it


You will learn the exact steps that you need to take in order to to fill your calendar with new sessions and get booked fast without missing a beat.

What's included with MMMC:


You'll learn my proprietary pricing formula for model calls that makes these types of sessions both irresistible to your clients & profitable for you.


CLIENT finder questionnaire

You will get pre-written ads by me that are the simple & easy method I use to get more people to inquire about these sessions AND convert into paying clients.

With this pre-made questionnaire, you'll be able to weed out the freebie-seekers and zone in on the hungry clients that will pay top dollar!

$99 value

$99 value

$99 value


step-by-step plan

done-for-you swipe files

lifetime access

This 5-part video series was designed to get you quick results. Pound through it in an afternoon or take a weekend to comb through the material, either way will be simple and easy!

Not only are the lessons easy to follow, but all the heavy work has been done for you with the swipe files that follow. Ad copy, email scripts, and client forms have already been done - just swipe and go!

When you enroll in MMMC, you can be fully confident in your investment knowing that it's here for you - for life. With lifetime access, you'll even be granted all future trainings and updates!

who is money makin' model calls for?

this program is for any portrait photographer

-beginner with a passion
-new business owner
-hobbyist that wants some extra cash
-established pros who needs a few more bookings

i need this!

yes, that is correct.

wait...this can be used by newbies without a client base?

Money Makin’ Model Calls is absolutely PERFECT for photographers who are just starting out or have little to no client base. The real question is why wouldn’t a new photographer use Money Makin’ Model Calls to build their business?

I mean, who wants to sit around waiting for clients to reach out to them… When you can be the one to reel them in in RIGHT NOW???

let's do it

The Investment

when you sign up today, you'll get instant (and lifetime) access to all of the trainings, action plans, and swipe files.


-Lifetime 24/7 access
-5-day Game plan
- Model Magic Pricing
- Ad copy that converts
- Client finder questionnaire
- Email scripts & more!
- LIMITED TIME BONUS:       Raveviews workshop

I'll guarantee change in your business

I first and foremost want you to learn how to run successful model calls so that you can become fully booked. For this reason, you can take ease in knowing your investment in this program is fully backed by my 90-day no-risk refund policy. If there's a slight chance that you feel that this program could help you, then enroll today.

 If you do the work, implement the plan, and feel like it hasn't helped you book more sessions, then email me for a full refund. I might ask you how much action you've taken since this is an action-based system, but you can enroll with confidence knowing that I stand behind this system 100%. Keep in mind that results might take time and elbow grease.

model call system

pricing formula

booking process

What exactly a model call is (and what it is NOT) and why you can leverage them to quickly book sessions, meet new clients, and build your business. Even if you’ve struggled booking in the past!.

How to price & scale your model calls to sell your photos without hesitation. You’ll learn how to package them JUST RIGHT that makes these sessions both irresistible to your audience and profitable for you.

You’ll also learn the EXACT booking formula that I use on autopilot to generate new booked sessions out of thin air. Model call ad copy & email templates coming in hot!

here's what you'll learn in 5 days (or less):

your questions, answered!

what if i'm new to business, will this work for me?

Then you are in the right place!

The best part about Money Makin' Model Calls is that you can build your business from the ground up this way - no client base or social media following is necessary.

When you put this strategy into play, you won't have to wait around for clients to come to you - instead, you'll be able to go to them on demand!

sounds awesome, except i don't have time to learn anything new

As a work-from-home-homeschooling Mom of 4 boys, I GET IT. I created this training with one thing in mind: simplicity & speed. Even if you only have 30 minutes a day to spare, you can work through this workshop and start planning your own Money Makin' Model Calls - in 5 days or less. Money Makin' Model Calls was designed for being action-based so you can do just that: take action and get the results, FAST.

And with all of the ready-made bonuses and swipe files, I've done all of the heavy-lifiting for you already!

what kind of photographer is this for?

This program was created for portrait photographers of any niche and any status - whether you are just starting or have been in the game for years.

This strategy can be tailored for many types of niches including maternity, newborns, families, tweens, seniors, and even weddings (when you focus on engaged couples!)

i have zero client base, how can this help?

How will this NOT help you? Money Makin' Model Calls is perfect for photographers who are just starting out - because this is HOW you cast a wide net AND get clients simultaneously.

No clients? No problem! When you follow the steps in Money Makin' Model Calls, you won't have a zero client base any longer!

how is this different from other marketing courses?

This is not a course to teach you the intricate steps of creating a confusing marketing plan. This is an actionable workshop to get you up and running FAST.

I've trimmed all the fat and only left you the good parts (you're welcome), so that you can get started quickly - even if you have zero marketing experience. I will teach you EXACTLY what to do & say. All you have to do is implement.

this is how it works:

1: join today

2: get instant access

3: start on lesson one

4: plan your model call 

5: fill your calendar with sessions! 

or are you ready to get booked?!

Would you rather keep doing what you're doing without moving forward in your business?

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