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Does Lightroom have you...


Maybe you've even been tempted to toss your computer out the window.

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you finally understood EDITING? Felt confident using Lightroom? Edited faster and better? AND Became the artist of your dreams?

This isn’t some wishing well and your fairy Godmother isn’t going to suddenly appear with her magic wand. You have the power to make all of these annoyances go away on your own.

You CAN ditch the YouTube rabbit hole once and for all & learn how to edit BETTER and EASIER when you become a member of The Lightroom Lounge.


With over 35 bite-sized lessons to learn at your own speed


You will learn how to use the most simple, yet powerful techniques to create stunning, colorized photos. No more spending hours toying around in Photoshop, you can create edits like this in 3 minutes or less!

beautify lifeless photos

With the power of brushes and filters, you can easily take a not-so-great image and turn it into something spectacular! Learn how to utilize the tools that are taught to create a finished masterpiece that speaks to your personal editing style.

and finally make sense of
lightroom, once and for all.

the lightroom lounge is a vip club for portrait photographers who want to make sense of editing in lightroom, once and for all!

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Hi, I'm Heather.

your lightroom FAIRY GODMOTHER.

I can recall the first time I ever opened up Lightroom. I thought that since I knew how to use Photoshop, that this would be a walk in the park. Boy, was I wrong!

As soon as I opened up this foreign editing program, I closed it immediately - this was NOTHING like Photoshop and I felt so lost, confused, and overwhelmed.

So, I did what everyone told me to do: I turned to videos on YouTube. I tried to make sense of it all, but it only confused me more. Over time, I got the hang of it, but with a lot of wasted hours and many, many mistakes. 

want to know the worst part?

Looking back as a Lightroom instructor, a lot of what I learned from those "free" lessons were immensely inaccurate (and they created problems that could have easily been avoided had I been taught the correct things).

Because I know EXACTLY how it feels to learn something new & I want to help photographers, like you, make sense of this amazing program - because it truly is easy once you understand it.

that's why i created the lightroom lounge.

Uncover the facets of how Lightroom works

You will learn how to properly setup your Lightroom interface and cover Library basics. No more feeling the overwhelm of Lightroom! We break down the confusion and serve it up into bite-sized portions to make it simple to learn and understand.
You will ease into the most robust part of Lightroom and learn why it's more than just a photo editing program.

What's waiting for you inside:

Photoshop will become obsolete in the develop module. In these 7 detailed lessons, you will discover that Lightroom has everything that you need to edit your photos like a professional. You'll learn everything you need to edit your photos beautifully without having to use any other editing software.

You will get to take editing to the next level with an abundance of advanced editing techniques.

Step aside Photoshop, this is where your photos will start to take shape and become beautiful works of art!

Finally, you'll take everything you've learned in the previous modules to create a more efficient and speedy editing workflow. This is where the magic happens. You will discover how you can apply everything you previously learned and make it quicker than before. Get ready to edit your photos faster!

Develop a workflow that saves you time

Become a Lightroom editing MASTER

Finally master the tools of the trade

not to mention new workflow tips + creative lessons delivered fresh each month!



the lightroom lounge will show you what it takes to:

Setup your Lightroom interface to be the most efficient and FAST
Create a catalog that makes things simple and easy
Organize and archive your photos in ways that will amaze you
Edit like the pro you've always dreamed about
Actually know your way around Lightroom and all of it's most      important tools
Finally feel confident in your editing process!

What's included when you join now:

Immediate access to Editing with Ease, the signature Lightroom course that covers EVERYTHING that you need to know about Lightroom. With over 30 bite-sized lessons, you will be able to finally master Lightroom at your own pace. Say goodbye overwhelm! A $297 value.

The Two Blooms workflow preset vault. THAT'S RIGHT! You will be able to download ALL of these Two Blooms workflow presets & brushes to help you edit better & faster. Plus, get exclusive monthly discounts to more of our Lightroom presets & editing tools. A $267 value

NEW workflow & creative Lightroom lessons, tools, and resources added monthly. This is what we call "learning on tap"as it never stops flowing! A $97 monthly value.

Exclusive "troubleshooting" library that you can turn to in times of need. Made an oopsie? Need to merge catalogs? Something went haywire? This invaluable resource will help you climb out of those sticky situations and it is only available to members. Invaluable

when you become a member, you will Learn how to become confident in Lightroom, the simple & easy way.

you'll see how to create edits like this in just a few clicks!

edit quicker

edit better

save time

When you learn how to use Lightroom in the best way, you will be able to edit photos faster than ever - not only saving you tons of time, but also freeing up more time for other things in your life!

Not only will you learn how to edit faster, but you will finally understand all of the tools at your hands in Lightroom - resulting in even better edits. Ready to start editing like you've been dreaming of?

When you aren't a slave to your photo editing, imagine the other possibilities in your life and your business. What kinds of doors will open up because you aren't glued to your computer any longer?

ditch the YouTube rabbit hole once & for all....

and finally make sense of photo editing WHEN YOU BECOME A MEMBER OF THE LIGHTROOM LOUNGE today

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You'll also get to see these
photo edits in action:

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love this!

Life Changing!


I had Lightroom for about a year and had never used it because I had no idea where to begin! These lessons showed me that - and more! Thank you so much for teaching this

Heather has such a natural way to teach photographers and her lessons are so easy to understand. She taught me a couple of short cuts and has definitely helped my workflow!

I am so happy to do all of this in Lightroom and NOT Photoshop! All thanks to Heather's lessons. I love the fact that I save so much time by only using Lightroom.

student feedback:

- Tabitha M.

- Becky J

- Chaire B.

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-32 Core Lightroom Lessons
- NEW creative & workflow lessons delivered monthly
- Over $250 in Two Blooms Lightroom Presets & brushes

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- Get LIFETIME access to all materials and lessons.
- 32 Core Lightroom Lessons
- NEW creative & workflow lessons delivered monthly
- Over $250 in Two Blooms Lightroom Presets & brushes

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch?

There is no catch. When I first started my editing journey, I spent a lot of time trying to piece everything together from various sources. I ended up wasting a lot of time and energy figuring this stuff out on my own because I couldn't afford a higher priced education or course at the time. Even though I was a newbie with a small budget,  I was eager to learn.

Knowing that this is also a common frustration among the photography community, especially beginners, I wanted to create something that everyone could benefit from and not just the ones who have a larger budget for quality education.

why so affordable?

Because I know what it’s like starting out and not having the resources in order to improve and grow. When I first started out with my editing journey, I spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours trying to figure this stuff out myself. I did end up learning what I needed to, but I will never be able to get those precious hours back.

Now, I want to share what I know with photographers who were in the same spot as I once was. I want to help where help is needed because I wish this had been available to me when I was first starting out.

what do i need to become a member?

- You will absolutely need Lightroom 4,5,or 6 OR Lightroom Classic CC in order to follow along with the trainings. I will NOT be teaching Lightroom CC as it’s a condensed version of Lightroom that is less robust and superior to creating a fast & efficient workflow.
- A computer or tablet to follow along
- Highspeed internet (slower connections could result in poor video and sound quality)

how much lightroom experience do i need?

None. You can start with zero knowledge. If this is the case, start your journey with the Editing with ease course and then work your way up to the more advanced lessons.

how much will this cost me?

Right now, you can become a founding member for only $17 per month. The price will be going up sometime in the New Year, so if you want the best deal, then don't wait to join!

what's a founding member?

This is a new education style that I have never offered before, so I am offering a lower than normal rate for the first 100 people who join. This will help me create the most valuable monthly content moving forward with your help & feedback. Founding members will have the option to unlock certain perks like free product to our shop and other photography resources for participating in the founding member program.

what's your refund policy?

Because of the immense value of what we are offering inside the membership area (over $700 worth of tools and education), there are no refunds on membership fees. However, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time and there are absolutely NO CONTRACTS.

Changing the way you edit as a photographer is as simple as ever, and it’s only a click away!

let's beat the editing overwhelm together

let's do it!