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lightroom presets for newborns + babies

sorry if this page gives you baby fever

(actually, not sorry. because babies are a blessing!)

These presets are a blessing. to your workflow.

The Blessings collection was designed to help you cut down on your workflow AND create beautiful newborn art in just a few clicks.

With versatile and complextion-pleasing presets, along with blemish-remedy brushes, this collection is something you can’t afford to NOT have!

with blessings,
you can expect:

beautiful baby skin 
1-click edits
A faster workflow
consistent editing style
(baby fever is possible)


14 lightroom presets

portrait brush set

lightroom masterclass

In this baby portrait collection, you get 12 dominant workflow presets, along with 2 black & white presets to instantly transform the look of your images. 

In addition to these presets, you will also get 10 original skin retouching brushes to polish, smooth, and add those beautiful finishing touches. 

Presets aren't always a 1-click wonder. Sometimes they need a little bit of love and tweaking, so you'll also get access to this exclusive training video that will guide you through the preset application process.

what you get with this collection:

cuteness coming in 3,2,1...


included presets:

Baby Bliss , Baby Bliss B&W , Cuddle B&W , Daydreams , Hush , Little Angel , Lullabye , Simply Fresh , Sweet Dreams , Sweet Nothings, Tiny Bean, Whisper

included brushes:

Baby Skin , Burn , Dodge , Creamy Skin , Creamy Skin Complexion , Goodbye Jaundice , Less Rosey Skin , Powder Brush , Razor Sharp , Rosey Cheeks, Smooth Skin, Soft Brush


for lightroom 4 + up, lightroom classic cc + lightroom cc

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refund policy

Please note: due to the nature of digital downloads being sold, refunds are not accepted under any circumstance.

By purchasing this collection, you understand that it will only work in Lightroom 4 & up, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC. These presets are NOT compatible with Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements.


love these!



I just purchased these presets yesterday, and I'm in love! All of my color photos have so much more pop to them now! I can't wait to use them more and more! 

Two Blooms does it again! These presets are great! I have found these presets to be super helpful in low light situations, that are very common in my birth photography and in home sessions. Being able to fast track my editing and workflow is so important as a busy photographer, doula and momma of four!

Absolutely beautiful presets to play with and use on all of my photos! Makes my job so much easier, and my pictures gorgeous! 

what others are saying:

- Jessy F.

- Lindsay B

- Nikki B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these presets work in all versions of Lightroom?

No. Please note that these presets will work in Lightroom 4 & up, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC. You can only sync your presets to Lightroom mobile with your Lightroom CC subscription. Brushes are only compatible with Classic versions of Lightroom.

wtf is a preset?!

A preset is a recorded editing step or recipe that you can install in your Lightroom application to use on your images. Presets not only help you edit more consistently, but they can help you hone your very own editing style and work more efficiently. 

Will presets work in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and ACR?

Sadly, they cannot. These preset files can only be used in the above stated versions of Adobe Lightroom.

My computer crashed, how can I retrieve my presets?!

Please make sure you backup your new presets once downloaded. We recommend backing them up to an external hard drive, USB drive, or your favorite cloud service immediately for safe keeping.  You can also refer to your order email at any time to download your items again.

Do you issue refunds?

Please note: due to the nature of digital downloads being sold, refunds are not accepted under any circumstance.

how do i use these?

Once your purchase has been made and the payment has been cleared, you will get an email with your new presets, brushes, training video, and installation instructions inside. You can also refer to this page for installation and usage assistance 

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