Two Blooms

You're a creative, not a tax professional...

So how to you organize your business expenses and sales without having to dread tax season every year?!

With our spreadsheets of course!

These excel spreadsheets were crafted especially for photographers!

compatible with microsoft excel

While using our tax professional approved spreadsheets, you'll be able to save time recording your data & spend more time doing the things that you love in your business (like taking photos)!

estimated tax formulas

sales history table

monthly expense table

plug in your numbers and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate your percentages for you, leaving you with less work to do!

record all of your client jobs and sales tax from each session so you know what you are selling and how much you are making!

record detailed information of all your business expenses in separate categories to help you keep track of exactly where your money is going.

our cpa-approved spreadsheets include:

monthly expense summary

all of the totals from the monthly itemized spreadsheets are automatically calculated to provide you a total of your monthly expenses of each category without having to whip out your calculator.

equipment expenditures

keep track of all of your photographer gear purchases on a separate spreadsheet so you can assess what you'd like to invest in next (maybe a new lens or that camera body you've been drooling over!?)

monthly totals summary

all of your recorded information, including sales and income tax estimates, will be totaled automatically for an end of the month summary - an easy, fool-proof way to hand in to your tax adviser at the end of the year.

year-end summary

all of the previous months spreadsheets are all added together to come up with a yearly total. This includes: total yearly sales, total yearly business expenses, yearly income before taxes, estimated income after taxes, estimated total yearly sale tax, estimated total yearly income tax.

year-end expense summary

all of the previous months totals are calculated to bring you a yearly expense summary by month, an itemized expense summary by category, and a yearly photography equipment expenditures summary - an easy and quick way to see how much money you've spent

monthly totals summary

All of your previous business expenses will be recorded and automatically calculated into a monthly expense chart. You will be able to quickly see how much was spent on each expense category for each month of the year.

see the spreadsheets in action!

compatible with microsoft excel

Take a quick look behind the scenes to see how these spreadsheets will suit your needs. 

there really couldn't be a faster or more efficient way to record me finances - so, thank you two blooms, these are amazing!!!

- morgan burks photography

two blooms financial spreadsheets are, by far, the most comprehensive, organized, and user-friendly spreadsheets I've ever seen. The ultimate tax season headache preventative for photographers!

- brittney zambrowicz, smitten imagery

snapbook spreadsheets

what you get:

12 month detailed expense & income tracker, estimated tax tracker, monthly & yearly summaries, & sales history tables.

These spreadsheets can be copied for personal use to use over and over again.

$59 - for microsoft excel only

refund policy

Please note: due to the nature of digital downloads being sold, refunds are not accepted under any circumstance.

By purchasing this collection, you understand that it will only work in Microsoft Excel and cannot be guaranteed to be compatible with Apple Numbers or Google Sheets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these work in apple numbers or google sheets?

They aren't guaranteed to work in either and are only 100% compatible with Microsoft Excel

My computer crashed, how can I retrieve my spreadsheet?!

Please make sure you backup your new presets once downloaded. We recommend backing them up to an external hard drive, USB drive, or your favorite cloud service immediately for safe keeping.  You can also refer to your order email at any time to download your items again.

Do you issue refunds?

Please note: due to the nature of digital downloads being sold, refunds are not accepted under any circumstance.

how do i use these?

Once your purchase has been made and the payment has been cleared, you will get an email with your spreadsheet containing a getting started guide to help you navigate how to use the spreadsheet.