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YOUR BUSY SEASON IS OVER, YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR CLIENT WORK DONE AND DELIVERED, SO YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING WHAT’S A PHOTOGRAPHER TO DO IN THE WINTER? If you are like me, a natural-light on-location outdoor photographer, the winter months can be a little chill (no pun intended). Depending on your location, you might […]

There are many ways you can market your business as a photographer, but the most simple (and need I say inexpensive) way is blogging! Not only can blogging provide your followers and clients a way to keep up to date with your offerings and events, it can also open up way to them to get […]

The photography busy season for portrait photographers generally starts in the summer and really picks up in October. With the leaves turning, the cooler weather, and it getting closer to the holidays, many people opt-in for getting their photos taken in the fall. I was on Facebook the other day scrolling through my feed when […]

Photography mini sessions are all the rage for many reasons. With more people wanting their hands on quality photos to share online and on social media, there’s a great opportunity for photographers to book more clients than ever before. Even though it might seem like there’s an influx of new photographers coming into the market […]

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