Two Blooms

Backing up your Lightroom Presets is essential to keeping them safe. You paid good money for them, so take the extra step to keep them safe in case something happens (like your computer crashes or your data goes missing). Trust me, I have seen it LOADS of times. Computers crash every single day for one […]

Vignettes can be added to photos for a variety of reasons. Vignetting is an effect that is both pleasing to the eye and adds depth to your photos. It does this by drawing the viewer’s attention gradually towards the center of the photo and subtly blocks out distractions towards the edges. Vignettes can be used […]

If you want to know how to edit golden hour photos with tons of color, then look no further. Golden hour photos are easily my FAVORITE type of photos. The light is just magical, it helps skin tones look amazing, and it’s just too hard to compete with! But. golden hour photos aren’t exactly easy […]

There’s many reasons why you’d want to batch edit in Lightroom, but the most exciting being speed. I remember when I was first learning how to edit photos. It would literally take me HOURS to edit just a small gallery of images to deliver to my new photography clients. I’d spend so much time editing […]

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