Two Blooms

It wasn’t all too long ago when I was prepping for my first photo session with another photographer. Weeks of planning outfits, looking at the perfect date, watching the weather like a crazy woman, and making sure we picked the right time of day for my little one to be in his best mood was […]

How much to charge as a photographer This question used to haunt my dreams at night in the early days of my photography journey. Was I charging enough? Too much? Was it even relevant to what my current photography goals were? I didn’t know the answers for a long time, but when I found them, […]

Vignettes can be added to photos for a variety of reasons. Vignetting is an effect that is both pleasing to the eye and adds depth to your photos. It does this by drawing the viewer’s attention gradually towards the center of the photo and subtly blocks out distractions towards the edges. Vignettes can be used […]

Magic can be found in small or large moments, the mundane or routine, and all those tiny little details in between. My love for capturing my own family has helped me realize how magical childhood is and how important it is to document those every day moments. Below are 8 tips for finding that magic […]

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