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my best business tips. take a look:

15 ways to market your photography business

Not sure how to book new sessions?? Here's my top 15 ways to market your photography business!

how to BECOME A confident photographer

Here's 5 ways to go from shaking like a leaf at your sessions to fully confident and working it like a boss. 

what to do in your business during the slow season

Here's 25 ways to stay busy and keep your business on track, even if you have nothing booked (yet)!

what to consider before pricing your photography

Pricing your photography prints and services isn't something to take lightly. Let's talk about it!

my best photography tips, all for you:

creating & editing photos with lots of light

Want to learn how to edit with a bright and airy style? Watch this lesson & grab the FREE Lightroom preset!

how to fix washed out photos with your editing

I'm sharing my exact editing process to take your ugly photos and turn them into something spectacular!

how to get a blurry background in photos

Love those dreamy, creamy backgrounds in photos, but just don't know how to create them? Here's 3 ways!

your guide to the best lifestyle newborn photos

Learn how to take the best lifestyle newborn photos with these 7 photo session tips!

capture authenticity

with these prompts for kids + families!

Ever show up to a photo session and your mind goes completely blank, with no ideas on how to pose and interact with your clients? It doesn't just stop there. As a photographer, you KNOW that getting your clients to feel comfortable in front of you camera is the ticket to getting great photos. So, how do you overcome this common dilemma? With photography prompts of course! When you are drawing a blank, just turn to these prompts to give you an instant boost of inspiration that brings out the BEST in your clients. 

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I believe in fast results, proven methods, and telling it like it is. Because, why should anyone beat around the bush? - We only get 1 shot at life and our time is precious, so I won't back down from saying what you need to hear in order to grow. In order to learn. In order to grow.  I will be your biggest cheerleader, but also the coach that makes you run extra laps at the end of practice because I can see your true potential. Want to see what I mean??? Then let's get started!

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I firmly believe in a work life balance where you can build the business of your dreams without sacrificing your time. Two Blooms was created under that principle. Every tool that has been produced, resource that has been fabricated, and tutorial that has been shared is to serve a single purpose for you: to acquire the skills needed to replicate a business based on balance. I only create the best tools so you don't have to waste any more of your precious time!

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Heather is a lifestyle family photographer serving the Cincinnati, OH and surrounding areas. Her laid-back style incorporates genuine joy, color, and fun while emphasizing the family unit.