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Too many photographers in your city? Here’s an easy way to stand out

how to stand out when there are too many photographers

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It’s no secret: there are a massive amount of photographers in the industry these days. Maybe even too many photographers.

With technology advances exploding and photography equipment & education becoming more accessible than ever, you know all too well that there’s a lot of fish in the sea.

People who want to use their gear to make some extra cash with a newfound hobby & others seeking a solution to their 9-5 job that they hate.

You’re ready to take your business to the next level & blow your competition out of the water.

Only one problem….you have no idea where to start and how to get started.

Sure, you know that there are many ways to stand out from the competition and start gaining more business, but which path is the easiest, quickest, and proves the most impactful results?

Which path will make doing business with you a no-brainer with minimal time and effort?

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The solution is sitting right in front of you. You just haven’t realized it yet.

The EASIEST and QUICKEST way to get new clients & customers in the door is by utilizing the ones you already have by monetizing your customer experience and turning your business into an attractive lead magnet. And you can do all of this with a Google page and killer reviews from your clients.

In just a few simple steps, you can start attracting NEW business solely based on word of mouth alone (without having to worry that there are too many photographers). And without expensive ads & without a huge time commitment

The FASTEST way to STAND when there’s too many photographers is by becoming Google’s bestie.

Did you know that there are over 70,000 Google searches that happen each second? That’s roughly 227 million per hour and 5.4 BILLION per day.

Just think of the money that you are leaving on the table because you haven’t taken your business to Google yet.

And if you happen to have your business on Google already, it doesn’t mean you’re in “the club” just yet. Google rewards businesses for many factors, but one of the easiest ways to start getting in their good graces is a simple one. One that you can get started with RIGHT NOW.

Here’s the secret though: the key to ranking higher & faster on Google is by having a killer page filled with AWESOME reviews.

And here’s another little secret: Google doesn’t want to promote crappy businesses, they want to promote thriving businesses with happy customers.

The more credibility that your customers and clients give you, the higher you will climb the Google ladder.

But, it’s not just as simple as asking your customers for a review. If it were that simple, everyone would be doing it, right???

Here’s the exciting part though: a lot of photographers don’t utilize this simple way to bring in new clients!!! So, now you have the upper hand.

Amazing reviews is one of the easiest ways to show your market that you have built a solid reputation with clients that trust you – and not just trust, love you.

There are 3 key benefits to using reviews to boost your biz:

  1. Get ranked higher on Google. It’s no secret that getting 5-star reviews on Google, boosts your credibility, but did you know that it helps your search engine ratings too? Better reviews means better placement, which will result in more organic leads
  2. Builds online trust – You’d be lying if you told me that you’d hire a company with 1 good review over a company with a dozen good reviews. The same goes for your business. The more good reviews you have for others to see, the credible it makes your business to outsiders.
  3. Sells your services without active selling. When your reviewers leave you detailed feedback, this shows other potential buyers what to expect from your company. Not only that, these reviews could essentially be answering questions that your potential clients are asking – making it an easy sell.

So now that you know why getting reviews is essential to online credibility & visibility, well – now what?

Now, you can go out and start getting reviews from your past clients and customers!

First, make sure that your google page is up, ready, and verified. Google makes it really easy to do with their step-by-step approach so don’t let the idea of “I don’t know how” to hold you back.

Secondly, start coming up with a list of past clients that you can get in touch to ask for a review. Even if you haven’t worked with them for 2 or 3 years, still write them down – you never know if a connection will lead to a review or not.

And a friendly tip to keep in mind in business: you never know until you ask, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

Then all you have to do next is reach out to them! Start by crafting an email that explains how much you enjoyed working with them in the past and would love it if they shared their experience on your Google page.

But, before you hit send, make sure that your email contains these 3 things:

  1. A warm greeting. Make sure that you sound excited to be emailing them and sneak in a little side thought about the last time you worked together – something that really stood out to you in a positive way
  2. Stroke their ego a bit. You want them to feel like they are the most important clieny uo’ve ever worked with – so tell them why! When people hear good things about themselves, it really helps them take the next step
  3. Which is to just lay it out and ask for a review. Ask if they can spare 2 minutes of their day, that reviews not only help your business grow, but they help other people like them make confident decisions when it comes to hiring a photographer

And then just leave it at that.

There is one thing you should know, however.

Not many clients know HOW to leave an awesome review. If you don’t know how to guide them with the right script & questions, then they won’t be able to paint a picture for people who are visiting your Google page.

If they are leaving reviews like “awesome work” and “will be back again”, it doesn’t tell new people WHY the work is awesome and WHAT is making that client come back again.

Reviews should tell a story about how you solved your client’s problem.

(and yes, even photography clients have initial problems or obstacles they face before hiring you).

If you don’t know where to start & you want the best strategy for getting the best reviews from your clients so that you can build your online credibility, book more sessions, and stand out from your competitors, well then I have created a game plan just for you.

I’ve created a quick and easy to implement workshop that lays it all out in a step-by-step method so that you can start getting RAVE reviews right now.

RAVEviews breaks down the exact winning process to get RAVING reviews that sell your services on autopilot.

This workshop was designed to bring you the best & fastest results so that you can start standing out on Google and ultimately not care if there’s too many photographers in your area anymore.

Enroll now, tune in, and start getting RAVEviews today!

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