Two Blooms

I remember the first time I went to edit beach photos in Lightroom. I honestly thought it was going to be easy. In fact, I thought TAKING beach photos would be easy. With the sand being a clean, reflective surface, I didn’t see how taking beach photos would be that complicated. But, my ego certainly […]

If you want to start to edit your photos better, and more like a pro, then learning how to use the tone curve in Lightroom is a must! You might be able to get away by editing your photos with the basic sliders in Lightroom, but if you want to fully unleash your creativity, then […]

There will come a time when you need to be able to fix an underexposed photo. Whether you underexposed your photo intentionally, or it was a simple in-camera error, it’s important to know how to adjust exposure in post-processing. The easiest way you can do this is by shooting in RAW and using a program […]

RAW photos. A term that you’ve probably heard at least once being thrown around in the photography world. RAW. JPEG. TIFF. DNG. WTF?! You can find all of this information online from many reputable websites and sources. However, if you are brand spakin’ new to photography and all of that technical jargon confuses you to […]

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