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WHEN YOU’RE looking for photo editing tips, it can seem like a lot to learn. Where to start, what to do, and which editing program to use are all valid concerns and questions when you first jump into photo editing. It can certainly be overwhelming to learn all these things – and you might even […]

Photography terms: the lingo and language of the photography and portrait world. I CAN RECALL, PRETTY VIVIDLY, MY VERY FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS IN COLLEGE. Here I was, a new and excited student ready to become confident and well-skilled in all aspects of photography. What led to to my college major was simple: I loved the creative […]

Creating moody portraits indoors is a lot easier than it might appear. The top way to create these portraits that are full of contrast, shadows, mood, and emotion is to be mindful of your lighting. Just as with any kind of photography style, the key component is light, exposure, and camera & lens settings. So, […]

Lifestyle newborn photography is on the up and coming trends for newborn photos. And it’s no secret why. Lifestyle newborn photos capture the essence of a new baby in a unique and honest way. Moms and Dads spend countless hours, weeks, months preparing for the arrival of their precious child. The tiny onesies, swaddle blankets, […]