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How to quickly add a vignette in Lightroom to enhance photos

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Vignettes can be added to photos for a variety of reasons.

Vignetting is an effect that is both pleasing to the eye and adds depth to your photos. It does this by drawing the viewer’s attention gradually towards the center of the photo and subtly blocks out distractions towards the edges.

Vignettes can be used to add depth because they add a burning effect to the edges while the center remains perfectly exposed.

Adding vignettes in Lightroom

It might seem strange to add a vignette to your photos, but it can mean all the difference when adding the finishing touches on your photos.

Take this photo for example.

The photo is well exposed all the way around, but when a vignette is applied, an essence of depth and texture is added that keeps your focus on the subjects.

The use of a vignette here (and for many photos) can make a subtle, but impressive change in the overall look of the finished photo.

That’s why I add vignettes to nearly all of my photos in Lightroom.

It’s such a simple way to add more flare to your photos without overdoing the editing.

In this video tutorial, I will show you the basics to applying vignettes to your photos in Lightroom so that you can also get the same effect.

More details about the creation of this photo:

Camera – Nikon D750

Lens – Sigma ART 50mm 1.4

Time of day: Just before sunset

Presets – Storyteller (ST3)

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