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How to be a more confident photographer

how to become a confident photographer

“How to be a more confident photographer.”

That’s the challenge that I know many portrait photographers face. I know this because a few months ago I polled my email subscribers about the ONE thing that has been holding them back from pursuing more in their photography business.

It wasn’t money.

It wasn’t time.

It wasn’t lack of resources.

It was this very word” CONFIDENCE. Or in this case, the lack of confidence.

I found that very interesting on many different levels, but mostly because I have witnessed the most successful business owners and I have come to one conclusion: they all had the guts to achieve their goals and their dreams, despite not having the experience or confidence.

And that’s the big conundrum.

If you want to be a confident photographer, then you have to take the actions to become confident – it doesn’t just come naturally.

So the questions remains: how do you become a more confident photographer?

The answer is pretty straightforward and simple, but there is one key requirement: you must be willing to take the action that you need to take in order for it to happen.

Let’s dive in and uncover these simple, yet effective ways, for you to become a more confident photographer so that you can start making your dreams and goals a reality.

how to become a confident photographer

Jump before you’re ready

I know this might seem counterintuitive, especially if you’re wanting to gain more confidence as a photographer, but when else will you start? When you already have enough confidence?

How’s that working out for you as of right now? Probably not so hot, eh?

Sometimes we just need to jump in without overthinking it, get out of our heads, and not allow fear to run the show.

Because if you’re waiting until you’re ready, then you’ve already waited too long.

Think  less, do more

This one is for all of you perfectionist over-analyzers.

It’s time to just stop thinking and start doing. True confidence comes from experience and if you are sitting here on your bum wondering when you’ll be confident enough to finally start doing what you want (charging for sessions, starting a business, becoming full time, etc.), then how do you expect to get there?

Action brings clarity. Clarity brings confidence. And the circle goes on and on.

photo prompts for kids

These photo prompts really help boost confidence as a photographer. They get your clients comfortable to bring out the BEST expressions & make your job even easier. No-brainer, right?!


Practice, practice, practice

If you aren’t quite ready to just jump in and take some risks, this is your chance to start small and work your way up.

Kinda like stepping into the pool to get acclimated to the water. This is more of a slow-burn if you’re more on the cautious side.

(honestly, I prefer the cannonball method as it saves a heck of a lot of time and once you’re in, it doesn’t take long to warm up)

But, just as everything, you get out what you put in. So, in other words, if you aren’t taking the time to practice A LOT, then you won’t see the results that you want.

If you do take this route, then do yourself a favor and dedicate a set amount of time EACH DAY to practice the skills that you need in order to become more confident.



Trust yourself

When it all boils down to having confidence or not, it really just means one thing: the amount of trust that you have in yourself.

If you don’t have any confidence in your skills as a photographer, then what it essentially means is that you don’t trust yourself enough to take the action that is holding you back from accomplishing what you want.

So, how do you learn to trust yourself more?

By taking action! The more action you take, the less scary it will be and you will ultimately become more confident in the process. So, you just need to get out of your head and stop letting fear and failure run the show.


Becoming a confident photographer isn’t always easy, the rewards are tremendous, and aren’t you ready to accomplish your goals and dreams?


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