Two Blooms

Yellow in the portraits can be a good thing, but can also be a not-so-good thing. Golden yellow tones at sunset and sunrise? GOOD. Yellow teeth, snow, and skin tones? NOT SO GOOD. While I personally love the color of sunshine, it’s not a great look when it tints the subjects in your photos. Too […]

It wasn’t long ago when I was asking myself the question of how to start a photography business with no experience. I was still pretty fresh out of college. I studied commercial photography at my local trade school and got my degree in 2 years. After finishing school, I got a few short-lived photography jobs […]

It’s fall outside, but the trees didn’t get the memo. Your clients show up to their photo sessions in their carefully curated fall outfits, yet all of the foliage is still screaming summer. YIKES. Now they are talking about a re-shoot (ahem…on your wallet). Talk about awkward. So, what’s a photographer to do? Can you […]

Sharing photos with your clients is a simple, yet very important factor in your photography business. Whether you offer all-inclusive digital packages, or wish to preview the photos to your clients before making their selections, knowing your options really helps you streamline this part of your business. It helps to know what your options are […]

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