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IT DOESN’T SEEM ALL THAT LONG AGO WHEN I WAS FRESH OUT OF COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL. With a camera in my arsenal and a degree in my pocket, I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about being a photographer. I mean, I spent 2 full years going to school, studying, learning, […]

MINI SESSION photos. Do you feel like at the end of a mini session event that you’re just swimming in them? While they are typically shorter sessions, the mini session photo count can start to rack up pretty quick. Mini sessions have their perks and their drawbacks for sure. On one hand, they can bring […]

One of my favorite looks to portrait photography are those beautiful, creamy skin tones. Skin that looks bright, youthful, and fresh. Recently, I’ve been making a bigger effort into asking my photography clients why they chose me as their photographer. Not only does this help me understand my clients better, but it also helps point […]

If you stick around here long enough, you’ll start to notice that I love to add more color to my photos. Life can be crazy, hectic, and sometimes downright depressing, but adding color to photos reminds me of all of the wonderful things! Sure, I love a good moody photo that tells a story, but […]

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