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How to EASILY fix yellow tones in Lightroom

fix yellow tones lightroom

Yellow in the portraits can be a good thing, but can also be a not-so-good thing.

Golden yellow tones at sunset and sunrise? GOOD.

Yellow teeth, snow, and skin tones? NOT SO GOOD.

While I personally love the color of sunshine, it’s not a great look when it tints the subjects in your photos.

Too much yellow can make portraits look unnatural – which I am sure you’re wanting to avoid.

But, it’s very easy to fix in Lightroom! In fact, it only takes a few steps – so let’s get to it!

Here’s an easy trick to fix yellow tones and color casts in Lightroom

Easy, peasy, am I right?

You can easily fix the yellow tones in your photos by hand OR save a ton of time and use presets!

I personally LOVE the Storyteller preset collection for just that. It’s a great collection to tone down yellows & greens while still giving photos contrast and color.

The best part? These presets don’t turn skin tones orange (which is a common problem with many trendy presets today).

2 clicks and you’re done.

See more before & afters using these presets here.

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