Two Blooms

MINI SESSION photos. Do you feel like at the end of a mini session event that you’re just swimming in them? While they are typically shorter sessions, the mini session photo count can start to rack up pretty quick. Mini sessions have their perks and their drawbacks for sure. On one hand, they can bring […]

If you stick around here long enough, you’ll start to notice that I love to add more color to my photos. Life can be crazy, hectic, and sometimes downright depressing, but adding color to photos reminds me of all of the wonderful things! Sure, I love a good moody photo that tells a story, but […]

GONE ARE THE DAYS OF ONLY BEING ABLE TO USE LIGHTROOM presets WITH A PAID SUBSCRIPTION OR LICENSE! Now you can purchase Lightroom mobile presets and install them on your phone with the FREE Lightroom mobile app! ALL YOU NEED IS THIS: a phone or mobile device Lightroom CC mobile app (available in your app […]

Lightroom Sync settings. The ultimate way that changed my workflow forever. Yes, that might seem like a bit of an extreme statement. But, it’s true! If it wasn’t for the Lightroom sync feature, I wouldn’t be able to edit my photo sessions so quickly. Some as a little as 30 minutes! As a business owner, […]

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